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Legislative Representation

Legislative Representation

Even the Best Attorneys Need Good Representation…

Let Us Worry About Protecting Your Clients’ Rights in Tallahassee

FJA is the only association in Florida dedicated to the protection of your practice, your clients’ rights and Florida’s Civil Justice System. Through your continued support, together we will bring justice to thousands of Floridians who need our help.

Every year powerful corporate special interests spend millions of dollars lobbying in Tallahassee against you, your clients, and Florida’s Civil Justice System.

Who are these special interest groups that FJA battles annually? To name a few:

  • The Insurance Industry
  • The Florida Chamber of Commerce
  • The Florida Civil Justice Reform Institute
  • Walt Disney World
  • Publix Supermarkets
  • The Entire Health Care Industry
  • The Nursing Home Industry
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Rubber and Tire Manufacturers and Retailers
  • Daytona Speedway

In no other area do our efforts at the Florida Justice Association have more of a direct impact on the success of your practice than during Florida’s annual 60-day legislative session. That’s when your legislative team works tirelessly day and night on behalf of you and your clients.

All FJA members are invited and encouraged to come to Tallahassee during the Legislative Session and join our lobbying ranks.  

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For more information, please click on the following links:

FJA Volunteer Lobbying

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Downtown Tallahassee Parking

Tallahassee Visitors Guide

Capitol Complex Information

The Florida Justice Association is relentless in the pursuit of justice. 

During the 2015 Legislative Session, FJA is fighting to defend your practice and your clients’ rights around the clock to stop bills relating to:

Bad Faith – Year after year, we defeat the insurance industry on the bad faith bill.  We expect nothing will be different this year, so we will be prepared again for an all-out dog fight. The bill filed this year is slightly different and will be harder to argue against. 

We will also be watching for bad faith changes on two additional fronts:  switching from the Florida summary judgment rule to the federal rule.  This is a back-door way to affect bad faith cases.  Also, any changes auto insurance and mandatory BI will be another venue for proponents to affect bad faith cases.  

 Limitations in Medical Payments (LIMP)  - Like the last several sessions, The Chamber, Publix, Disney and the insurance industry are making a significant push to change laws related to the amount of medical damages that can be presented to juries to reduce the amount of damages awarded. They are also asking to interfere with letters of protection and seek to contest medical necessity of treatment.   The bill hasn’t been filed yet for 2015, but we are keeping an eye out for it.

Patients Compensation Fund - A proposal to eliminate the right to trial by jury in malpractice cases and substitute an arbitration panel made up of health care providers has been raised the last couple of sessions.  In fact, a new “version” of the bill has been filed in Georgia and could be what is filed in Florida this session.   

For additional information, click here for the FJA 2015 Legislative Issues Book.


We Go On The Offensive Too — For You and Your Clients…

Prejudgment Interest on any action where the victim is entitled to monetary damaged.  As  currently drafted, the interest would accrue from the date of loss or incident. The interest rate would set quarterly as defined in current law (s. 55.03, F.S.)

Rental Car Financial Responsibility - FJA continues to push for financial responsibility for rental cars ($100,000/$300,000). Currently, Florida citizens are without any legal protections from injury or death or damage to their property without insurance requirements for car rentals. 

Mandatory Bodily Injury Insurance Coverage - As we’ve supported in the past, this legislation would require a minimal amount of Bodily Injury liability protection ($25,000 per person/$50,000 per incident) for all private passenger vehicles and tightening the existing self-insurance requirements.

Amazingly, despite the low, mandatory coverage for property and PIP, private passenger vehicle owners are not currently required to have “Bodily Injury” liability protection, to cover serious injuries to others caused by the vehicle’s driver. Florida is one of only two states (New Hampshire being the other) that does not require financial responsibility for bodily injury liability.


For more information on FJA’s Legislative & Political efforts, please contact Lynn McCartney at 850-521-1030 or by email at