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Legacy & Founders

In 1984, FJA leadership created EAGLE, the fundraising arm of the Florida Justice Association and of its political action committee, the Florida Justice PAC, formerly the Florida Lawyers Action Group (FLAG). FJ PAC's aggressive fundraising efforts and its political program support lawmakers who insist on good public policy and champion the rights of the people they are elected to represent. Our EAGLE members work with the Florida Justice PAC to expand the pro-consumer, pro-safety base in the Florida Legislature and to pursue the association's goal of protecting the rights and safety of all Floridians.

FJA offers special recognition to our EAGLE Legacy and Founders for their extraordinary commitment to protecting the safety of Florida's families! Thank you very much!

EAGLE Legacy Members

H. Scott Bates
Coral Gables
Fredric G. Levin
Troy Rafferty
C. Steven Yerrid

EAGLE Founder Members

Alex Alvarez
Coral Gables
Douglas K. Burnetti
Christopher Chestnut
Atlanta, GA
Todd E. Copeland
Lewis S. (Mike) Eidson
Coral Gables
Stuart Z. Grossman
Coral Gables
James W. Gustafson, Jr.
Francoise M. Haasch
Palm Harbor
Michael Andrew Haggard
Coral Gables
J.B. Harris
Coral Gables
Wayne Hogan
Theodore J. Leopold
Palm Beach Gardens
C. Richard Newsome
Mike Papantonio
Neal A. Roth
Coral Gables
Christian D. Searcy
West Palm Beach
Dale M. Swope