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Articles of Interest

Below are articles on various topics of interest and concern to the Florida Justice Association, its members, and consumers of the state.

3/21/16 Florida Legal Updates - March
3/21/16 FJA Forward: Working Smarter NOT And Harder
3/21/16 Five Ways for Young Lawyers to Avoid Being Out-Lawyered by the Enemy
3/21/16 Titans of Trial: Paul Jess
3/21/16 6 Steps to Improve Your Lead Conversion
12/16/2015 Florida Legal Updates - December
12/16/2015 Media Relations: Not as Hard as You Thought
12/16/2015 Titans of Trial: Sheldon J. Schlesinger
09/22/2015 Conflict Resolution Through Good Communication
09/22/2015 Titans of Trial: Dale Swope
09/04/2015 Florida Legal Updates - September
08/05/2015 FJA Member is #WheelChairedForADay
07/08/2015 Incoming FJA President, Todd Copeland 
07/08/2015 GEICO: On the Hook for Legal Malpractice
07/08/2015 Florida Legal Updates - July
07/08/2015 Titans of Trial: Q&A with Michael K. Bailey
07/08/2015 Social Media: Why Bother?
07/08/2015 The Art of Asking for Referrals
06/15/2015 Congratulations to the 2015 Annual Convention Award Recipients!
05/11/2015 Evidence: Getting in Your "Rules of the Road" Evidence
05/11/2015 Florida Legal Updates - May
Products Liability Section: Post-Sale Negligence Claims in Florida Motor
Vehicle Defect Cases
03/18/2015 Knowing Your Public Relations Rights
03/18/2015 Florida Legal Updates - March
03/05/2015 Closing Argument: A Comprehensive Analysis
12/12/2014 State mistakes lead to tragedies, but relief often elusive
11/10/2014 Congratulations Stetson University College of Law - 2014 Mock
Trial Winners
10/07/2014 Lost in the Fine Print - New Documentary Blows Lid Off Gross Unfairness
of Forced Arbitration
08/15/2014 An Issue No one is talking about via The Crowley Report
08/07/2014 Tennesseans Vote to Retain Supreme Court Justices via The Tennessean
06/05/2014 Florida Medical Records Increase Tabled by Florida Board of Medicine's Rules/Legislative Committee
12/12/2013 Florida Supreme Court declines to adopt med mal expert witness certification and other recent legislation
10/24/2013 The Court Reversed the Imposition of the Temporary Injunction of the New PIP Statutes
09/30/2013 Column: Stop Cost Hike for Medical Records via Tampa Bay Times
09/29/2013 Matt Reed: Please, GOP, No More Lawsuit Reform via FL Today
09/25/2013 Favorable Ruling on New Medical Malpractice Legislation
09/13/2013 FJA Attorneys Join Forces to Fight for Patient Privacy
08/30/2013 When healthcare makes you sick: Doctors perform thousands of unnecessary surgeries via USA Today
08/28/2013 FJA and MDJA Co-Host Inaugural Diversity Reception at Masters of Justice
08/20/2013 FJA Announces 2013 Mock Trial Date + Location
07/17/2013 FJA Attorneys Join Forces to Fight for Patient Protection
07/17/2013 FJA Members Appointed to Homeowners' Insurance Policy & Claims Bill of Rights Working Group by Insurance Consumer Advocate
06/21/2013 Another Brick in the Wall: Supreme Court Shields Corporations from the Law (As Usual) via Huffington Post
05/3/2013 2013 Legislative Session Conclusion
05/01/2013 Florida Malpractice Bill Passes House, Heads to Governor
04/25/2013 2013 Legislative Issues Guide
04/22/2013 Move to Limit Lawsuits Against Nursing Homes Draws Criticism via The Miami Herald
04/2/2013 Chamber Puts Insurers Before Small Business via Orlando Sentinel
04/1/2013 Still Fighting to Protect Patients' Medical Privacy
01/3/2013 The Year Ahead
08/15/2012 Winning Florida: FJ PAC and Primary Election Update
06/27/2012 Florida Supreme Court Adopts New Rule to Require Mandatory E-Mail Service for All Cases in Florida Effective September 1, 2012
04/03/2012 What is "Hot Coffee" you ask?
03/12/2012 2012 Legislative Session Wrap Up    
03/03/2012 Make Florida Safer
03/02/2012 Medical Malpractice Legislation: Adding Insult to Injury
12/23/2011   News Affecting Your Practice
11/15/2011   FJA Seeks PIP Reforms that Protect Citizens
10/20/2011   Latest Legislative News ... Bad Faith and more
09/07/2011   Member Legislative & Political Briefing Schedule
08/29/2011   Florida Supreme Court to Rule on Medical Malpractice Caps
08/22/2011   Florida Justice Association Awards Board Position To Manasota Trial Lawyers Board
08/04/2011   2012 Legislative Session Begins Early
06/17/2011   FJA Justice Ball A Success!
02/07/2011   Florida Senate Commerce Committee Hears Anti-Consumer Crashworthiness Bill
01/29/2011 Tennessee Justice System 'Ain't Broke'
01/28/2011 The GOP's Selective Constitutionalism
01/11/2011   Florida Senate Judiciary Committee Considers Dangerous Anti-Consumer Bill
01/01/2011   Fighting for Justice Means Fighting for Your Clients and Your Practice
12/22/2010   The Real Issues Behind the Medical Malpractice Crisis
12/06/2010   State Farm Profits With Announcement to Leave Florida
11/30/2010   Leaving a Legacy: EAGLE
11/22/2010   Results From our 2010 Mock Trial Competition
10/29/2010   Fresh Techniques for Your Seminars and Speaking Engagements
10/21/2010   New Study Finds Alarming Rate of Medical Mistakes
09/29/2010   Florida Justice Association Honored by the Florida NAACP
09/24/2010   2010 FJA Founders Award Recipients
09/24/2010   Good Practices in Contact Management
08/16/2010   Daryl Parks Elected President-Elect of NBA
07/22/2010   Slip and Fall Bill Held Not Retroactive
07/19/2010   How To Run A Successful Public Relations Campaign
07/14/2010   New AAJ Report Examines Civil Justice System Promotes Safety
07/09/2010   Hazardous Floor Conditions in Business Establishments
06/28/2010   Child Safety Waiver
05/27/2010   FJA Names Debra Henley as Executive Director
05/14/2010   Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Oil Spill Legal Options