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FJA Submits Comments on Daubert

The Florida Bar Board of Governors will vote on whether Daubert should be a Rule of Evidence at its December 4th meeting. Florida Bar President Abadin has requested comments by November 15th. Please submit comments regarding Daubert ASAP at

Read the FJA's comments on Daubert here.  This letter, authored by Immediate Past President Troy Rafferty, was posted today as an attachment on the Florida Bar web page at the link listed above.


Titans of Trial || Dale Swope

Q. If you weren’t a trial lawyer, what would you be?

A. That's easy, a high school football coach. And if you think about it, there is an awful lot in common between what coaches do and what we do. We are both engaged in a clear adversarial process. At the end of the day we are going to either be the winner or the loser, and the loser will not get a participation trophy. Both of us spend a great deal more time in planning and preparation than in our actual "games.” The time and hard work invested in preparation in the weight room, practice field, or witness preps will pay off on game day.

We are both dependent on our assistants and teams and our ability to inspire them and improve them is a large part of our job. Like lawyering, coaching involves a fabulous concoction of intellect, strategy, tactics, and physical performance. They create plays, defenses, and game plans, but also prep for the unexpected, knowing they may have to signal an audible at any time. 

Most importantly, a high school coach, like us, can be a true hero to the people they work with. Their motivation is knowing they can make lasting changes in people's lives through commitment, leadership, and hard work, even on those unhappy occasions when they do not win.

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