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The Personal Injury Boot Camp 2 Webinar Series provides an excellent opportunity for young attorneys to gain insight from leading trial attorneys in Florida on issues that tend to come up over and over in our practices. The topics for this year’s series were selected based on feedback from FJA young lawyer members who shared what they wanted covered. Series participants will be provided with information and materials that can be put to use immediately in their practices. Best of all, because the series is entirely based online, you can attend from the comfort of your office. This is easily the most convenient and cost effective way for FJA members to gain invaluable knowledge on some of the most timely issues faced by plaintiff trial attorneys today.
- Jaeson Homola, Program Co-Chair



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Joerg's holding is essential to telling the jury the whole story because it allows the attorney to board full medicals. This presentation will include a discussion of Joerg's effect on set offs and collateral sources.

This presentation will cover what new and newly admitted lawyers need to know about electronic discovery. Highlights of what will be discussed include:
-Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 
-Florida 2012 Amendments Changes
-ESI Stipulations & Negotiation
-ESI Discovery Requests, Responses & Objections
-Discovery from Non-Parties
-Failure to Make Disclosures or to Cooperate in Discovery

Most problems that come up on appeal are because things get overlooked while you’re in the trenches and bullets are flying. With a few handy checklists and rules to live by you can avoid bad situations on appeal.

Problems with Your Record
In general, your record is like your reputation – guard it with your life. Making sure the appellate court has all the information it needs to protect your huge final judgment is the first step to success.

Preserving Evidentiary Issues
Favorable Evidence Excluded? Prejudicial Evidence Admitted? In either event it’s important to make sure you are ready to deal with the situation on appeal.

Preserving Voir Dire and Jury Selection Issues
Voir Dire and Jury Selection present a special situation for error preservation.

Don’t Lose Your Case in Closing Argument

Knowing what to say, and what not to say, is the key to a closing argument that doesn’t turn your dream verdict into a nightmare. And then there’s the problem of making sure you preserve issues caused by defense counsel’s bad argument.

Making Sure an Appellate Lawyer Will Take Your Case
Appeals are a specialty practice. Different procedure, different judges, and they require a different skill set. If a defendant is trying to get out from under your large verdict then you need to have an appellate lawyer. But appellate lawyers can be choosey, so you need to have a case they want. Here are some tips on how to make your case one an appellate lawyer wants to help you win. 

This webinar will provide the latest in formats, organization, sequencing and essentials the Florida personal injury trial lawyer needs for their Trial Notebook to maximize success in their upcoming trial.

Materials included.

This webinar will cover the most recent case law concerning Proposals for Settlement.

This webinar will cover:
-Uber liability
-Uber’s business plan and how it makes their service MORE dangerous
-Ways to hold Uber, as well as their drivers, liable
-Issues unique to Uber that every Plaintiff’s lawyer needs to know about before handling a case against them

 This webinar will discuss the ways technology can assist you in your practice, and review several apps that can help you to work more efficiently and save time.


This webinar will cover:
-Types of injuries (post-traumatic, exacerbation, aggravation)
-Considerations for determining causality on injuries
-Various types of diagnostic studies and their uses
-MRI’s – type to order and when
-Disc herniations – stages of a herniated disc, symptoms, and treatment (including conservative and surgical intervention)
-Other common injuries for cervical, lumbar, and thoracic spine and the treatment recommendations associated for each

This webinar will provide you with information on how to get cell phone records, how to translate the information into useful information, acronyms you should know when reviewing cell phone data, and much more. 

Program Chairs

Jaeson Homola and Cassidy Perdue are young personal injury attorneys who have achieved much success at such early stages in their career. Together, they will apply the knowledge and experiences they’ve gathered to ensure you get the most out of Personal Injury Bootcamp.

Jaeson Homola
A tireless defender of injured workers, Jaeson Homola has recovered millions of dollars for injured clients, becoming one of the youngest attorneys ever to be inducted into the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Jaeson has also been honored by Florida Super Lawyers as a Rising Star, an award which has been presented to less than 2.5% of all practicing attorneys in Florida. Click here to read more.

Cassidy Perdue
Cassidy Perdue is recognized for her dedication to protecting the rights of injured workers in a number of pro bono cases. She has been recognized for her efforts countless times by the Florida State University, her alma mater, at which she also received numerous awards for her academic excellence. Since her graduation, Cassidy has demonstrated an unparalleled work ethic, and has gained valuable trial experience throughout her career. Click here to read more.