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2018 Annual Review Webinar: Legislative & Case Law Update

2018 Annual Review Webinar: Legislative & Case Law Update

Florida's 2018 Legislative Session is over. It's time for you to find out what happened and how it impacts you, your practice and your clients!

Every year, the Florida Legislature considers bills that could vastly change your law practice. On your behalf, the Florida Justice Association works to protect your practice from threats lawmakers propose to Florida's civil justice system.

The Florida Justice Association lobby team this year built on strong relationships we've nurtured with elected champions of civil justice to:

  • Limit prevailing consumer attorney fees in workers' compensation cases;
  • Establish a nonsensical method to determine attorney fees in assignment of benefits cases where the winner of a case may have to pay the loser's attorney fees;
  • Dismantle "bad faith" protections for auto insurance policyholders;
  • Weaken the state's auto glass safety standards;
  • Cherry pick which drivers to cover in a household; and
  • Open up Florida's roads as a test track for driverless cars without appropriate liability coverage.

Your Florida Justice Association lobby team successfully defended your practice from these and other potentially harmful legislative attacks on your practices.

When you participate in the Annual Review Webinar, you will learn more details about these key issues as well as the other relevant legislative action and court decisions over the past year. Armed with information from this webinar, you will be ready for coming changes in the law, prepared for potential challenges ahead, and serving your clients and better informed to remain secure in your role as a strong advocate for your clients.

Legislative and case law updates concerning the following areas will be covered: automobile and property insurance, the pending decision on the Frye vs. Daubert evidence standards, and more.

Register today and stay informed to keep ahead of the competition!

4/5/2018 11:30 AM - 4/5/2018 1:00 PM
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