"I come from a blue-collar background. I watched my parents struggle at times but always work hard to provide for the family. My Dad had to hire a lawyer once when I was about 10 years old, which made a big impression on me. This lawyer helped my parents deal with a title problem with the only piece of property they owned, our home. They were scared and he got them through it. From that time, I wanted to be a lawyer and never changed from that path.

I am thankful the civil justice system provided us with a hand up to overcome the struggle and pain. I am grateful that attorney came into our lives, listened, and fought for our home. This attorney made a lasting impact on me and inspired me to become a lawyer to fight for the underdog.

I joined the FJA as a young lawyer to connect with my peers and learn so I could become a more effective lawyer for my clients. After more than 28 years of practicing law, I have continued to value the importance of supporting the FJA.

As an FJA EAGLE Member, I pay an enduring tribute to the attorney who inspired me to make law my life, and to my parents and wife who supported me along the way. It's my way to carry forward the mission to protect the rights of injured Floridians to seek civil justice accountability from a jury.

I am thankful for the important work FJA does to keep the courthouse doors open so that my clients can continue to seek justice in our court system.

EAGLE plays a critical role in this mission. Without EAGLE, it would be much harder for hard-working people like my parents to seek and receive justice when they're hurt."

Doug Burnetti
Burnetti, PA | Tampa

Become an EAGLE.

Click here to download the EAGLE Pledge Form or call the FJA EAGLE Department at 850-521-1096 for more information.
Please, join me and 800 other trial attorneys in Florida who have taken action on their belief that all Floridians deserve access to a fair civil justice system.

FJA EAGLE members' commitment provides the tools necessary to boost your practice, defend civil justice laws, and promote meaningful reforms to protect injured victims.

The FJA is thankful to all EAGLE members for the commitment they have maintained to our mission. Your support ensures our strong position and keeps our clients, our neighbors, and our families safe.

 Your EAGLE commitment provides the tools and resources necessary to:
  • defend civil justice at the Capitol and promote lasting and meaningful reforms to protect injured victims,
  • to preserve the safety of Florida’s consumers,
  • and to ensure the continued success of your practice for years to come.
If you are an active FJA EAGLE member - thank you for your commitment to our mission. Your support ensure our strong position and keeps your clients, our neighbors and our families safe.

If you are not yet an FJA EAGLE member - please consider making a pledge today. Join the more than 800 trial attorneys in the state who have taken action  on their belief that all Floridians deserve access to a fair system.
Click here to fill out an EAGLE pledge form. 

Benefits & Recognition

While we know that our EAGLE contributors participate out of a sense of responsibility, these benefits show our gratitude and appreciation for their commitment.


  • On the FJA Website
  • In the FJA Journal
  • At the FJA Annual Convention
  • At All Events, EAGLE Members Are Given a Special Nametag Allowing Them to Proudly Display Their Commitment to Florida’s Citizens
  • EAGLE Lapel Pin to Wear Proudly at All FJA Events


  • FJA Voting Membership (must qualify)
  • Invitation to Author Articles for the Journal
  • Annual FJA Membership Dues are Included for all EAGLE Members
  • Annual Florida Justice PAC Dues are Included
  • Exclusive Invitations for Regional Legislative Receptions and FJA Leadership Retreats
  • Invitations to Serve on Event Host Committees
  • Invitations to Chair and Speak on CLE Programs
  • Discounts on Advertising in FJA Journal

EAGLE Pledge Payment Plan Information

EAGLE Members Can Pay By:
  • Automatic Renewal
  • Bank Draft
  • Invoice
  • Credit Card (American Express | MasterCard | VISA)

Payment Plans for Each Pledge Level

   Annual  Semi-Annual Quarterly Monthly
Associate: $1,500  $750  $375 $125 
Sponsor:   $3,000  $1,500  $750 $250 
Patron:  $5,000  $2,500  $1,250 $416.66 
Benefactor:  $10,000  $5,000  $2,500 $833.33 
Advocate:  $15,000  $7,500  $3,000 $1,250 
Founder:  $25,000  $12,500  $6,250 $2,083.33 
Legacy:  $50,000  $25,000  $12,500 $4,166.66 

Soaring EAGLE Program

A pledge to the Soaring EAGLE program is a 3-year commitment. Your account will be debited/charged monthly according to the schedule provided. Your annual commitment will increase every 12 months until you have completed the 3-year cycle and will then stabilize at an annual commitment of $1,500.

Yr 1:   $   750.00 ($ 62.50 p/mo)
Yr 2:   $1,000.00 ($ 83.33 p/mo)
Yr 3+: $1,500.00 ($125.00 p/mo)

Your account will be debited/charged monthly according to the schedule above.

EAGLE Contacts

Rob Paulk
Director of Fund Development; Southeast Florida Fundraiser
Fort Lauderdale, FL
850-521-1042 | Email
John Fox
West Florida Fundraiser
Tampa, FL
850-521-1053 | Email

John Brazzell
Associations Operations Director;
North Florida Fundraiser
Tallahassee, FL
850-521-1020 | Email
Elisha Charpentier
Central Florida Fundraiser; Statewide Membership Coordinator
Orlando, FL
850-521-1040 | Email

Kevin Sweeny
North Florida Political & Outreach Director; Northeast Florida Fundraiser
St. Augustine, FL
850-521-1043 | Email
Lizzy Shane
South Florida Fund Development Coordinator
Fort Lauderdale, FL
850-521-1045 | Email