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2016 Masters of Justice Seminar Agendas

Brush up on your trial skills and techniques at the FJA Masters of Justice. Come with a blank canvas and let our speakers share the latest updates in personal injury law and demonstrate the proven methods of how to win in court. If you are looking to spark your creativity and work on your strategy, you won't want to miss the 2016 FJA Masters of Justice seminars in Orlando!

Why you should attend

 * Meet the experts face-to-face instead of just connecting by email, text and phone. Seminar speakers are available to answer your questions before and after the seminar.
 * Networking – Not only do attendees network at the seminars, but some of the best conversations come from the hallways and the exhibit room. Many successful professional relationships are developed at FJA live events.
 * CLE spanning many fields of practice – Trucking, Auto Negligence, Insurance Bad Faith and Jury Selection. You have several CLE options available to you in a beautiful location.

Seminar Information

See the full seminar list below.

Trucking Seminar [register]

Program Co-Chairs: Troy Rafferty, Pensacola, and Tom Slater, Jacksonville

Wednesday, September 28
8:30 am  |  Welcome and Opening Remarks
Troy Rafferty, Pensacola, and Tom Slater, Jacksonville

8:45 am  |  Looking Beyond the Driving Logs . . . Ways to Prove They Were Fraudulently Kept
Curry Pajcic, Jacksonville

9:30 am  |  Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the Trucking Industry 
Stefanos N. Kales, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Associate Professor and Director of the Occupational Medicine Residency, Harvard School of Public Health

10:15 am  |  Break and Exhibit Viewing

10:30 am  |  Safety Trends and Impersonations – An Expert’s Perspective 
David Dorrity, Dorrity Consulting, Greenville, SC

11:15 am  |  Ten Most Important/Interesting Decisions on Trucking Law in the Past Two Years
Celene Humphries, Tampa

Noon  |  Adjourn

Auto Negligence Seminar [register]

Program Co-Chairs: Larry Perry, Panama City, and Melvin B. Wright, Orlando

Wednesday, September 28
1:00 pm  |  Welcome & Opening Comments 
Larry Perry, Panama City, and Melvin B. Wright, Orlando

1:10 pm  |  Autonomous Cars: Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? 
Brian Denney, West Palm Beach

1:55 pm  |  Florida Common Law Collateral Source Rule:  Alive and Well 
Melvin B. Wright, Orlando

2:25 pm  |  Your Guide to Recent Airbag Recalls and the Takata Airbag Litigation
C. Richard Newsome, Orlando

3:00 pm  |  Break and Exhibit Viewing

3:15 pm  |  Legislative Update from Tallahassee
Paul D. Jess, Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Florida Justice Association, Tallahassee

3:30 pm  |  Uber Duber Do…Your Client Was in an Accident With Uber Now What Do You Do? 
Michael A. Haggard, Coral Gables, and Todd J. Michaels, Coral Gables

4:05 pm  |  The Ever Expanding Auto Practice 
Leslie M. Kroeger, Palm Beach Gardens

4:45 pm  |  Voir Dire in Auto Accident Cases 
F. Catfish Abbott, Jacksonville 

5:30 pm  |  Adjourn


Insurance Bad Faith Seminar [register]

Program Co-Chairs: Stephen A. Marino, Jr., Miami, and Waylon Thompson, Panama City

Thursday, September 29
8:30 am  |  Welcome & Opening Comments 
Stephen A. Marino, Jr., Miami, and Waylon Thompson, Panama City

8:35 am  |  Panel Conversation: Fridman and Other Recent Developments
Stephen A. Marino, Jr., Miami, and Waylon Thompson, Panama City

8:55 am  |  Pre-Litigation 
Robert G. Kerrigan, Pensacola 

9:40 am  |  Litigation: Personal Injury Lawyer’s Ten Commandments
Robert J. Mayes, Gulf Breeze 

10:25 am  |  Break & Exhibit Viewing

10:40 am  |  Mistakes Made in the Underlying Verdict and the Trial Itself in the Bad Faith Case
Rebecca Creed, Jacksonville 

11:10 am  |  Words of Wisdom from a Former Judge: What Not to Do in the Bad Faith Trial
Honorable Fred Hazouri, West Palm Beach

11:45 am  |  Adjourn

Jury Selection Seminar [register]

Program Co-Chairs: Alex Alvarez, Coral Gables, and Mark Avera, Gainesville

Thursday, September 29
2:00 pm  |  Welcome & Opening Comments 
Alex Alvarez, Coral Gables, and Mark Avera, Gainesville

2:15 pm  |  Hot off the Presses – New Ways to Get Rid of Juror Bias
Keith Mitnik, Orlando

2:45 pm  |  Striking Jurors for Cause:  Watching How it Works –  A Mock Jury Selection 
Observe lawyers interacting with mock jurors explore topics which should result in a court striking the juror for cause
Alex Alvarez, Coral Gables, and Mark Avera, Gainesville
3:45 pm  |  Break and Exhibit Viewing

4:00 pm  |  Continuation of Mock Trial

5:00 pm  |  A Cross Section of the Community: Reptile Jury Selection 
Stuart Ratzan, Miami

5:30 pm  |  Adjourn