Yes - You Can Lobby in Tallahassee

Volunteer Lobbying

Each session FJA is inundated with bills restricting or eliminating the rights of your clients. We cannot do it alone -- the FJA needs reinforcement from our members. Members of the FJA Board of Directors volunteer their time to come to Tallahassee during the legislative sessions and interim committee weeks to lobby legislators, those they know and those they don’t know, on issues vital importance. All FJA members are invited and encouraged to join the lobbying ranks. On the job training - no experience is necessary!

When you come to Tallahassee:
  • You will be briefed when you come to Tallahassee on the important issues we are working on, including pro-active and defensive legislation and given your assignments for the day.
  • First time volunteers will be paired up with an FJA lobbyist, staff person, or an FJA member who already “knows the ropes” to work alongside for the day.
  • Each member volunteer will receive the appropriate position papers, bills, amendments, and House and Senate directories so you can identify the legislators and find their offices.
  • Volunteer lobbyists may also be called upon to draft amendments, position papers and talking points while in Tallahassee, as well as reviewing legislation which may affect FJA members and their clients.
  • Volunteer members may be asked to monitor committee meetings and House or Senate floor action to ensure we know what is taking place at all times.
  • If needed, some volunteer lobbyists may even testify before House or Senate committees.


The 2019 Legislative Session Dates: January 14 - March 13
  • January 23 - 25: Minority Caucus Capitol Days
  • January 28 - 30: Young Lawyer Lobby Days
  • February 4 - 6: Women's Caucus Lobby Days

If you are an FJA member interested in lobbying with us, click here to learn more. 

There are other ways to help during the Legislative Session, too!

Join an FJA Legislative Committee

The FJA maintains a number of Legislative Committees made up of members who volunteer their time and expertise in various practice areas. Committees for the 2019 Legislative Session include: 
  • Auto Insurance
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Bad Faith
  • Cigarette Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • General Insurance
  • Human Trafficking
  • Limitations in Medical Payments (LIMP)
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home
  • Opiate Litigation
  • Property Insurance/Assignment of Benefits
  • Proposal for Settlement Revision
  • Rental Cars
  • Rules and Statutes on Evidence & Procedure
  • Sovereign Immunity/Claims Bill Reform
  • Workers' Compensation
We rely on our Legislative Committee members throughout the year to help set FJA’s proactive legislative agenda, draft any proactive legislation that the FJA would like to pursue, assist us in drafting position papers on issues, and to act as an advisory group during the session on issues within the expertise of its members.
Email Lynn McCartney to sign up.

Sponsor a Lobby Team Strategy Lunch

$300/Per Strategy Lunch Session
Every day of the Legislative Session is critical. Each day we serve lunch to our Lobby Team and visiting expert members as a way to coordinate the strategy for the day. Our Board Members know first-hand how important these strategy sessions are to the overall success of our program.

We've had great success with members joining our team in Tallahassee. In fact, we served 132 more lunches last year over the same period the year before! That is truly remarkable – however, the cost of feeding our warriors in Tallahassee has risen, and we have avoided further increasing our legislative budget as a cost-trimming measure.

To supplement the funds we have set aside for the lunches, your Legislative Team would like to humbly request that members consider sponsoring (or finding a sponsor) for one lunch during the Interim Committee Meetings and Legislative Session. You will receive recognition whether you can join us in Tallahassee or not; you can pick a specific day or just say YES and we will do the rest.

Would you or your firm consider sponsoring lunch for one day during session for $300? All sponsors would be recognized in the following manner:
  • Verbal and written recognition at lunches;
  • Recognition in Journal; and
  • Recognition in weekly Legislative Updates, delivered via email.
Thank you for your consideration of this program.
Email Lynn McCartney to sign up.

Sign up for the Key Contact Program

Is Senator W your next door neighbor? Does Representative X attend your church?
Is your brother best friends with Senator Y? Didn’t you attend law school with Representative Z?

If so, you can become an FJA Key Contact! One of the reasons our Legislative Program can be successful despite being out-numbered by the vast “tort reform” lobby, is a direct result of the relationships FJA members and leadership have developed with legislators over the years. Developing and fostering these relationships is not a one-shot deal! These contacts must be made year-around to ensure access to legislators at critical times.

Our key contact program is a vitally important component of our program for future legislative successes. This is a true grassroots effort by our members and is the most effective part of our lobbying program. The strength of your relationship depends on the strength of your commitment to working, year-round, with a member of the legislature.

However, the most important aspect of our program is to establish a year-round relationship with your legislator. Your engagement throughout the year makes our job much easier during session.
Click here to learn more or email Lynn McCartney to sign up.

Getting involved is easy! 

Please email Lynn McCartney or call her at (850) 521-1030 to sign up to assist our advocacy efforts in Tallahassee.