Jon E. Krupnick Award

The Jon E. Krupnick Award was named in honor of the perseverance and fortitude of its namesake, Jon E. Krupnick. Jon spent 15 years representing a four-year-old girl in an extremely lengthy case. This award was established in 2000 to honor his determination in pursuing justice, no matter how difficult a task it may be or how long it may take. The recipient of this award must show the same steadfast commitment to achieving justice for the weak, the vulnerable, and the injured and the patience to wait on the results.

2000 – Jon E. Krupnick, Ft. Lauderdale
2001 - Richard M. Shapiro, Bradenton
2002 - Edward M. Ricci, West Palm Beach
2003 - Lance Block, Tallahassee
2004 - Howard Acosta, St. Petersburg
2005 - James L. Wilkes, II, Tampa
2006 - Charles H. Baumberger, Miami
2007 - Kent G. Whittemore, St. Petersburg
2008 - Kelly Hancock, Kelley Stewart & Robert Irvin
2009 - Robert Kerrigan, Pensacola
2010 - Herman Russomanno, Miami
2011 - Eric Faddis, Orlando
2012 - Richard D. Schuler, West Palm Beach
2013 - James W. Gustafson, Jr., Tallahassee
2014 - Michael A. Haggard, Coral Gables
2015 - John F. Romano, West Palm Beach