Al J. Cone Lifetime Achievement Award

The first president and founding member of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, as it was known back then, and founder of FLAG, now the Florida Justice PAC, was Al J. Cone. He had the vision to see a need for a statewide association of trial attorneys and dedicated his life to the civil justice system of our state. Al’s lifetime of service to the FJA and to the consumers of Florida spanned nearly five decades. This award was created in his honor to pay tribute to an attorney who has pledged their life to upholding consumer rights and fighting for justice. The award reads: “A career of leadership; A career of example setting; A career of devotion; A career of courage.” The winner of this award must be a leader, dedicated and poised not only for personal achievement as an attorney, but also success as an individual.

1990 - Tony Cunningham, Tampa
1991 - Lefferts L. Mabie, Jr., Pensacola
1992 - Larry S. Stewart, Miami
1993 - S. Victor Tipton, Jr., Maitland
1994 - W.C. Gentry, Jacksonville
1995 - William M. Hicks, Miami
1996 - Michael Maher, Orlando
1997 - Christian D. Searcy, West Palm Beach
1998 - W. Dexter Douglass, Tallahassee
1999 - Aaron Podhurst, Miami
2000 - Bill Colson, Miami
2001 - J.B. Spence, Miami
2002 - Wayne Hogan, Jacksonville
2003 - Lake Lytal, Jr., West Palm Beach
2004 - Ira Leesfield, Miami
2005 - John F. Romano, West Palm Beach
2006 - Richard W. Slawson, Palm Beach Gardens
2007 - Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente and Judge Fred Hazouri, 4th DCA
2008 - Jeff Liggio, West Palm Beach
2009 - Howard C. Coker, Jacksonville
2010 - Fredric Levin, Jacksonville
2011 - Honorable Gary M. Farmer, Sr., West Palm Beach
2012 - Mickey Smiley, St. Petersburg
2013 - Lewis S. "Mike" Eidson, Miami
2014 - Andy Haggard, Coral Gables
2015 - Neal A. Roth, Coral Gables